Tribute to Sandy Hook


They are the innocents;

We are their mothers.

We’re here to protect them;

We are their fathers.

Each day is a blessing;

Giggles filled with joy.

Each night is a wonder;

Books and stories unfold.

Daughters bring us flowers;

Sons bring us worms.

No matter how disgusting,

The gesture shows their love.

Though as parents we are helpless,

To daredevil leaps to the ground.

Our scolding tone tells our babies,

Parental love carries no bounds.

Those first years of discovery,

Our first gray hairs erupt.

The year they learn to speak;

Battles of the will are learned.

It’s the struggles we have in parenting,

That show us the nature in nurture.

We turn to friends and family;

They guide us into the structure.

Our children are a blessing,

Of trust, love, hope and joy.

We teach them the ways of the world;

They show us the magic in toys.

One day they will grow up,

Much sooner than we expect.

Our sons will be heroes,

Showing the world great respect.

Our daughters will be princesses,

In pedigree, poise, and grace.

There is nothing more that we desire,

Than to see a loving smile touch their face.

It’s when our dreams are shattered;

Our babies are taken too soon.

Into the arms of The Lord, The Father;

Safe in His guiding tutelage.

As parents we learn we are powerless,

To the nature of all humankind.

We cry out in fear and anger,

When sickness takes our child.

We stand in shock and regret,

If an automobile stops the life.

There is nothing to prepare us;

Nothing to bring back their light.

But when the children are dropped at school;

Safe amongst teachers and friends.

We drop our guard, trusting the system;

And never see them again.

That is when our world is shattered;

In an instant we lose our way.

Our job as parents, our only wish,

Is to keep our innocents safe.

With desolate understanding,

We fight nature, mankind, and fate.

The greatest desire we hold in life,

Is seeing them grow day by day.

When that is taken from us, wrenched away,

We learn the powerlessness of our stance.

The light in our life fades dim in memory,

And we finally remember to pray.

Whether one believes in the power of faith,

I only have one request.

Pray for the innocents on this day;

Cling tight to their little hands.

We never know what will happen in life,

Save the love we freely give.

Those are the memories we create;

We are the ties that bind.

Love your babies, hold them close;

Snuggle their fears away.

For we are their parents,


But at least we still have today.

Dream of the future, guide their paths;

Snuggle them just one more day.

My greatest sympathies go out to the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School. No words can express the magnitude of emotions felt toward their loss.

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