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I was driving home last night when one of my favorite country songs came on the radio. It was Florida Georgia Line’s “This Is How We Roll.” Seeing as I used to be an avid fan of rap music, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see more edgy, rap-style, country songs being released. There I was, singing along, throwing gang signs like I knew what I was doing, happy to be rapping to something other than “Everything Is Awesome,” when a got this flash from my youth that made me smile in remembrance.

A hundred, thousand years ago, I judged at an LSU Auxiliary Camp performance. I was watching the girls, rapping along to some current hit. It could have been a song by Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, TLC, or Salt-N-Pepa. I have no clue. Actually, it was probably TLC’s “No Scrub.” That song was awesome back then. Midway through the song, I turned to look at some friends, only to see them staring at me like I’d sprouted a new head.

They found out what I already knew: I was a white girl who liked to rap.

Heck, I still am a white girl who likes to rap.

I started laughing in the car at the memory, thinking to myself that my son has no clue how awesome his mom was back in the day. Usually I write about Momdom–it’s struggles, it’s greatness, and what it teaches me about all things mom. I speak of strategies, toils, and life lessons I learn through parenting. Blog after blog finds some recounting of how I’m burning the candles at both ends, struggling in the void that is the working, single mom. I fill pages with everything concerning Tiny Tot: his poop, his boogers, his ouchies, his teeth, his awesomeness. Oh, yeah, and I occasionally mock the idea that yoga pants are fashionable, or have anything to do with motherhood.

I’m a mom blogger, that’s what I do: I blog all things mom. Seeing as there are hundreds of thousands of us, it had me thinking.

I know, I know. Me and thinking.


As mothers, we sink into Momdom, and get stuck in the Mom rut. We forget who we are, we forget where we came from, and we live in the demands of the tiny humans we lovingly created. So, last night, I got this crazy, outlandish, insane idea, and I’m seeking help. I’m asking fellow mom bloggers to unplug–just for a second–and remember things that happened before Momdom. What secrets do your kids not know about you? What fun, random facts would shock and amaze your children? What could you say that would surprise your spouse, or significant other?

What makes you you?

Here goes, fellow mommas! I’ll start!

Tonight, I’m Dropping The Mom

My very first crush was David Bowie in The Labyrinth, and I used to imagine myself as Jennifer Connelly when she exclaimed, “You have no power over me.” Every time it starts pouring late in the day, I’m reminded of that movie.

I used to dance, while vacuuming, with my headphones cranked up to anything Janet Jackson. One day, the UPS man stopped by the house. When I finally turned around and saw him through the glass door, he was doubled over in laughter. I told him, “It’s Janet Jackson. Don’t be jealous.”

Speaking of Janet Jackson, my dream in life was to be a backup dancer. Not a ballerina, or a performer on Broadway. I wanted to dance back up for Janet Jackson.

The sole reason I became an avid reader was because a teacher told me I’d never learn how to properly read. Those words followed me in my youth, and were the reason I read on a college level in the 6th grade.

Beverly Cleary’s “Dear Mr. Henry” is the reason I wanted to become a writer. I wanted to be the author children wrote to for advice. “Dear Mr. Henry” is also the reason I became a 5th grade Language Arts teacher.

When I was in High School, I wanted to be on the dance team. I was set to try out, had the whole-hearted blessings from the dance teacher, but then I was dragged to every marching band event (my twin is a flutist), and witnessed the grace, flourish, and visual art that is the Colorguard. My High School Colorguard’s performance of West Side Story was the reason I joined Colorguard instead of dance. Not to mention, you get to dance and throw flags. Years later, a freshman girl told me that the “entire dance team” believed that I joined Colorguard because I’d failed dance tryouts. I set her straight, which left her in tears.

Not to mention, I wasn’t popular in school, so I have no frigging clue why anyone spread gossip about my choices in the world of dance.

Speaking of Colorguard, the first day I tried out for LSU Colorguard I had a horrific cold. I almost didn’t want to try out, and I definitely didn’t want to be there. I performed, then jammed out to N’Sync’s newest CD the entire time. The Assistant Band Director, after tryouts, congratulated me on making the team, and dubbed me “The Mean Girl” because I didn’t smile.

I have a lot of crazy ideas–like this blog post–therefore when I learned we were performing “House of the Rising Sun” in college, I convinced the other captains to choreograph what is now memorialized as “The Sexy Trumpet Dance.” I mean, who doesn’t want a blatant strip tease on a football field? Fun fact: the first boy I could grab to practice the dance on is now my most-awesome brother-in-law.

I was in love with Steven Tyler. I was also in love with Joe Perry. I mean, have you seen them?

My first year in college I made my mom buy towels, sheets, and the comforter for my dorm room in five different colors, because I thought it would be interesting. I wanted red, green, blue, yellow, and purple, and I didn’t want to be forced to be “normal” or “pick a theme.”

Someone reading this is waiting for this one, and I finally remembered it. I wore blue mascara in High School. Why? Because, why not.

Last one, which can still apply today: My mom always knew when I was happy, because when I’m happy, I dance. Heck, when I’m not dancing, I’m thinking about dancing, … which is just about as often as I think about writing.

What about you? Tonight, drop the mom, and tell us some fun facts! Take this blog title, plug it into your blogging platform, and publish it for other moms to enjoy. Let’s take a moment in our crazy lives to forget motherhood, and remember life before child.

Be crazy with me!

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  • Staci says:

    That brings back so many memories. I remember West Side Story. Tricia had me listen to the CD so much that it became a favorite of mine. You were beautiful doing colorguard and you loved it. And from what I remember the entire dance team did not think you didn’t make it. I loved watching you on the field. I remember people thinking I had failed tryouts because I wasn’t excited to make it. It was the day I found out my best friend was moving. Aerosmith, loved seeing them freshman year. My husband was surprised I liked Heavy Metal and hair bands. I saw Metallica my senior year. My daughter was surprised I was a firefighter. 4 years in college. Loved it.

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