End of Summer Celebration, by Sweet Services

Another beautiful summer is coming to an end. And though we always are saddened to say “So Long” to the long, warm days of summer fun, we are grateful to celebrate the months of sun and fun we enjoyed. Wave goodbye to summer and embrace fall with an “End of summer celebration,” complete with a...
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Breaking Assumptions on Divorced Parents

Every day I read something negative about divorced parents. Every day I hear some complaint about the “other” parent, the bad parent, the parent who makes life that much harder where children are concerned. Every day I hear the struggles, the woes, and the desire for a collaborative, co-parenting atmosphere. But, it’s usually followed up...
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My Child Wants To Be A Cop, and It Scares Me

“Mommy, when I grow up, I’m going to be a cop.” Tiny is infatuated with police officers. If he sees an officer, he wants to greet him, and then he’ll talk for hours about the flashlight attached to the officer’s belt. He’s met officers at the mall, at restaurants, and even waved to them from...
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Tiny Tot and the Tiny Molluscum

“This is definitely not Molluscum Contagiosum,” the $120-per-visit dermatologist stated, giving Tiny’s bumpy rash a cursory glance. “This is Follicular Eczema. Molluscum has a certain look about it. This is not that look. I’m going to prescribe you a steroid cream, and it’ll clear within a few days.” Thank you, Lord Jesus, thank you, I...
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