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One day, while listening to my tiny little human speak his usual random funnies, I knew there needed to be some greater source than my friends and family to inflict his sense of humor upon. After giving it a lot of consideration (like … one and a half days) I decided to start with a blog, and grow from there.

Having never given blogging a try, I was immediately sure that I would fail. Every mom I knew had her act together; Pinterest-worthy crafts, meals, homes, lives … you name it. I envied their successes at Momdom, knowing I would never measure up.

And then I thought to myself, why not blog about life with Tiny Tot, learning through struggles, failures, sporadic successes, and hindsight? What would that look like? How would other people view that type of blog?

Well, they’d first learn that I’m a slightly sarcastic individual who is raising a highly-opinionated tiny human. Then they’d learn that I love to think, and overthink, and analyze situations for learning opportunities provided.

With a child, there are a lot of those situations.

But, what could I call the blog? Into the World of Crazy was my first idea. I still love that title, and randomly throw it out in blog posts, with wild abandon. Mom, Queen of the Household was another abandoned idea. But, seeing as it’s an epic way to reference myself, I totally use that all the time, as well.

I soon realized that every mom comes into her own through trial and error, through love and tears, and through situations that allow her to grow as a mother. Therefore I realized we’re all winging it.

Mom Style.

Happy reading! Hope you enjoy the site! Leave a comment, or jot off an e-mail! Oh, and since I’m plugging for myself right now, be sure to hop over and “Like” Winging It, Mom Style on Facebook!

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