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I can write about my tiny human, Tiny Tot, all day long. I can spew forth ideas about his wonder, talents, and ability to drive me batty within seconds. But, writing about me? Writing about who I am?


I’m tapped.

As it stands, I’m the product of my amazing family. My dad is an Army veteran. My mom stood by his side, working side jobs to support help dad’s military wage. I am a twin, and an older sister. Both my siblings are much more talented than anything I can ever hope to be. My twin is an artist–I am her biggest fan. My younger sister is working on a Master’s in History. She’s the reason I got to experience traveling to Italy.

Reading and writing is my crux, a passion from my youth. Coming over from Germany, the school board in Virginia made the decision that I would never learn to read on level. The comment remains with me today, it formed me in my youth. I am a reader. I am a reader, because I am better than negative words.

Today, I own thousands of books, and have read each book multiple times. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and how I was feeling, when I open my novels. They are my memories.

Reading, to me, is more than a passion. It’s the reason for my breath, engrained in my soul.

From this, writing bubbles forth. My mother tells the tale of my very first writing accomplishment: winning the school wide poetry contest with the poem, “A Bear On A Unicycle.”

It’s a horrible poem, but I was a third grader.

I am a former educator of language arts and social studies. Teaching the elements of the writing process, how to hook a reader, how to develop plot, how to form characters, and how to create dialogue, will always hold fond memories. There is hope that, one day, I might teach as a college professor, but that is a far-off dream. Not to mention, it costs money!

My writing career is short, compared to other writers. Teaching writing is a calling of mine, but writing? I didn’t think I could write a story. I didn’t think I had anything to say; anything that could speak to a writer.

Not long after my divorce, with my computer open for the night, and my house a silent, childless void, the urge to write overcame me. A story spilled out, filling pages, until a chapter was formed. That night was the beginning of my first novel, A Soul Divided. From that story, comes the creation of my second novel, still in the works, A Soul Ensnared. Currently, there are two more novels floating around, waiting for their time to emerge.

During the novel writing process, my child began talking. His silly quirks, funny commentary, and outright outlandish actions is the basis for my blog, “Winging It, Mom Style.” I love writing the blog, and envision this blog to become a fixture in my life, for years to come.

Last year, reading through my usual social sites, I stumbled across an on-line magazine, just starting. I don’t know why I tried; I don’t know what made me apply. But, my work was accepted, and I became a contributor to Moms Magazine. I am hoping that connection will remain strong over time. The magazine forces me to not only think about parenting in hindsight, but consider the possibilities of my parenting in the future.

There it is, my life in a nutshell. Well, okay, not really. I also hold a full-time job in the medical community. Tiny is my only child, along with our two, rambunctious doggies, Rexaur and Bartok. We live in the World of Crazy, and it is one amazing life.

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