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A few of you know that I am seriously considering waging war against a recent blog posted on Thought Catalog, by one Ms. Amy Glass, entitled, “I Look Down on Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry.” I’ll post the idiot piece of nonsensical drivel at the end of this Mommy Blog, for all the other mommies (working, stay-at-home, or full-time schooling) interested in being seriously cheesed off.

Seriously, it will cheese you off.

Aside from the grammar choice of the title, the entire article goes on to say that women cannot climb the corporate ladder of success if we are saddled with a man, or a child. Or, Heaven forbid, a husband and multiple children. Because, as Ms. Glass goes on to claim, literally anyone can have kids, or husbands, and clean a house. According to her, those aren’t worthy accomplishments, but a form of banality.

Banality is my word choice. I do not know if Ms. Glass holds that in her lexicon, though maybe I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. The words in her anti-mom blog included, “average,” “nothing,” and “lack of real accomplishment.”

As in, you are average if you have children, you will aspire to nothing, and because of your poor choice in having kids, you lack any real accomplishment.



Dear Lord, save me from the feminist regime.

In another article, Ms. Glass follows up her blog by praising Beyoncé for being wildly successful, while having a child. Why was this beautiful pop star praised, you might ask? I wondered the same thing, … mostly because Beyoncé is a contradiction to Ms. Glass’s prior claim.

The reasoning was actually ludicrous. I mean, I barked in laughter. Apparently, Beyoncé is highly regarded because she can hire people to clean her home, raise her child, and manage her household.

Umm … what?

Who the hell said a woman cannot be intelligent, driven, climb the corporate ladder, AND have a child in whom she loves unconditionally? Heck, I’ll remember to throw that pesky husband into the mix, as well. I always forget about those, being the single mom.

However, Ms. Glass is the one who said women couldn’t be successful while having children and/or a husband.

Haha, the “or” is my ad lib. Single mom love, people.

Where are her credentials to make such a statement? Does she have any?

I personally know several mothers who are doctors. I personally know several mothers climbing the corporate ladder. I even know a lot of mothers who are choosing to go back back to school, in order to make their personal dreams a reality.

Most of them are married; some of them are single. Each of them deserves the same amount of respect, for doing it all.

Hell, and then there’s me. I dream wild, and attack with purpose.

The point is that we mothers are not witless, baby-popping creatures without desire, drive, or dream. We mothers are empowered, and emboldened, because of our children.

Because of them.

Our success is not determined due to selfish aspiration. It is due to the desire for our children to have the same determination we do, in order to make something of themselves throughout their life, when that time comes.

We are the mothers who encourage our children to toss a lasso into the Heavens, and bring back the moon.

Because they can.

Because, we can.

Yes, we do laundry. Yes, we manage a household. Yes, we stir pots, change diapers, and wake in the middle of the night to tame a dream, clean up vomit, or change bedsheets due to an accident. Yes, we are proud to announce when we make a meal worthy of toddler approval. Yes, we are equally insane about spit bubbles, award’s ceremonies, and every milestone accomplished–small or large.

Yes, we are mothers, and our children mean the world to us.

But, we will also slap on a suit (or a pair of scrubs) and march into work with one purpose: to do our job. We will sit in meetings, we will shuffle paperwork, we will correct coworkers if the need arises. We will adhere to the demands of the job, we will bow to standards and principles. We will do, and do, and do, because that is also our focus.

Long ago, we created a dream for our life–success with children.

We want it all.

And so, we will go where our dreams lead us. We will–and can–achieve great things in life.

Because of our children, not instead of them.

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