End of Summer Celebration, by Sweet Services


Another beautiful summer is coming to an end. And though we always are saddened to say “So Long” to the long, warm days of summer fun, we are grateful to celebrate the months of sun and fun we enjoyed. Wave goodbye to summer and embrace fall with an “End of summer celebration,” complete with a wonderful candy buffet. People have discovered that a candy buffet is perfect for any celebration.

There is no shortage to our end of summer themes, but for this farewell celebration, we suggest a “Summer Picnic” theme. Choose a tablecloth with traditional, checkered patterns. Use baskets and checkered napkins for the front section of the table to give the table a picnic look. Mason jars are excellent holders for suckers, straws, and tall candy.



The backdrop for our summer picnic candy buffet is fun, beautiful, and whimsical. We are going to use fireflies. You can hang the fireflies to the trees (even silk trees for indoors). Making fireflies are easy. You will need LED balloon lights that blink in the color green (available online in bulk or at a party supply store), fishing line, paper clips or ornament hooks, and black electrical tape. The lights will work for 24 – 48 hours so set them up before you set up your buffet.

Cut the fishing line in various sizes between 1 – 3 foot. Tie the fishing line to the light (there is a hole to secure it to). Tie the paperclip or ornament hook to the other end. Use the black tape to cover the silver on the LED lights. Hang the lights. Spread them out or group them together to make a natural firefly display.



Your candy buffet will need a center piece. You may create a candy tower, or use a picnic basket filled with things used at a picnic. You are only limited by your imagination. Our suggestion is a group of different size mason jars filled with a few of the fireflies you made for your backdrop. Cut the fishing line to short stands and tape to the inside of the lid so the fireflies are hanging randomly. You can fill the jar loosely with grass or twigs. Cover the outer lid with burlap and tie a bow around the edge. Use boxes or dishes to raise and lower the jars and group them. This is a great addition to our picnic theme candy buffet, and the low power LED lights are not a fire danger.



You will need to buy your candy in bulk. Our favorite supplier is Sweet Services. They have a great selection and reasonable prices and the service is second to none.

Rustic baskets, wicker, trays, jars, and boxes make cute candy containers. Make sure you have scoops, spoons, and tongs to allow your guests to serve themselves. Garage sales, friends, and thrift stores are great places to snag unusual serving dishes. Small Brown bags or even snack size summer theme baggies are great for our summer table.

Expect to use 8-ounces of candy per guest. For the end of summer, have plenty of gummy worms, gummy bugs, and candy dots. Bulk candy like M&M’s, jelly beans, nerds, mints, and hard candy are a good choice. Rock candy sticks, suckers, lollipops, and gumboils also work well. Use fluffy or large candy, like cotton candy and oversize suckers, to fill in empty spots. The experts at Sweet Services can assist you in everything from candy choices to serving dishes.

Say goodbye to summer with the beauty and magic of your firefly picnic candy buffet. What better way to bring on the excitement and promise of a new season?

Guest post written by Wendy Dressler, Outreach Manager at Sweet Services



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