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While I was in Indiana, I noticed something odd. There was a trailer, and a black truck, sitting next a red barn. The barn has been a fixture behind my grandparents’ property for my entire life. I cannot remember a time I didn’t look out the window, or walk into the back yard, and not see it. The truck, however, was new.

But, it was the trailer that brought questions. I saw light streaming from the trailer every evening, and then the truck would disappear until just after daybreak.

One day, I asked my grandma if someone was living there. She said it was a young man. I found myself watching the barn, gazing out to wonder who the man was, what he might be doing, and how he got there–to live beside the old, red barn.

During the trip, mom and I were sitting in the living room, taking a break from packing. She turned to me, and asked, “Does your mind ever turn off, or are you constantly thinking of ideas to write?”

I told her that ideas come to me. If I jot them down fast enough, they become a blog post, and article idea, or part of the new book I’m writing A Soul Ensnared. It was then that I mentioned the man in the red barn. The more I pondered the concept, the more excited I became. I would write a novel with a man as a main character! I’ve never written a male character. I usually stick to females, mostly because I understand the female mind.

Being female helps.

A day after I told my mother my story idea, I was involved in my usual procrastination tactics: social media. As I scrolled down my Twitter feed, I saw a post by a follower, Kara Monterey. It said, “Are you a writer? Check out, a unique new platform for publishing your work. Spread the word!”

I have been involved in several start up writing platforms, so I clicked the link on the post. It was different than the other platforms I’ve joined. Those involved writers critiquing writers, or creating open platforms for blogging thoughts or snippets–basically Facebook for writers. This concept, however, was different. This was a place for writers to publish works, which would be enjoyed by readers! Not to mention, the writers would be paid for their works.

Writers love feeling appreciated.

Trust me.

At first I smiled, and thought, What a great concept. This will be really great for other writers. I’ll tell my writer’s groups about this new platform.

I took myself out of the equation, though. The site called for serial writing concepts, which were to be unique, never-before-published, and ongoing. Essays, columns, fiction book chapters, short stories, poems, and journals were all to be written with the idea of bringing serial literature back into writing. This used to be done, back in the day. Reader’s Digest was one platform.

However, me? I didn’t have a series concept, and I didn’t know that I had time to create one. I’m currently writing women’s fiction, where my protagonist learns to rise above a bad relationship, and find the courage to stand against poor treatment from the antagonist. I have Moms magazine, where I write less personalized posts about all things Momdom. And then, of course, Winging It, Mom Style, where I blab about learning to parent in hindsight. All of that takes time, and effort.

And time. Did I mention that part? I can’t just crank out a blog in twenty minutes, tap dance to the kitchen, form a new chapter idea, and bake for the next five hours.

So, taking the time in my full-time job, full-time mom, part-time writing, no-time housework life, to write a series every week? Umm, no thanks.

Then I got to thinking: why couldn’t I challenge myself to write a fictional short story series? Why couldn’t I take my people watching ponderings, and turn them into a story? Why couldn’t I start with the man in the red barn? Why was I limiting myself, and my writing?

I clicked the link to Channillo, again, and hesitated. Could I? Should I?

Would I have the time? I pulled up the application, and sketched out a concept. I knew the application had to meet exceptional standards, or I would be turned down. Writing is a hard field, and writers critique with vengeance. (For example, some writer has already noticed that I’ve changed tenses at least three times so far. Don’t worry, there’s more to come.) Still, I decided I wanted to see if I could. I wanted to become part of the Channillo team.

So, looking out at the red barn that I’ve seen for over 34 years, I wrote my concept:

Over the course of my life, I find myself watching people, wondering their circumstances, contemplating their life story. What are they thinking? How are they feeling? What brought them to this point, and how are they coping?

How are they surviving in this story we call “life?”

Through a fictionalized, literary account, I want to take readers on a journey with me. We’ll embark through the eyes of strangers, delving into their minds, seeing what makes them unique.

We’ll see what makes them human.

I call my series, “Through Their Eyes, I See.”

Channillo is a platform for readers to subscribe to different writers for a small fee. It’s a way for writers to connect and support other writers. It’s a way for readers to discover writers through series concepts that speak to their tastes in reading. There are some creative writers with intriguing concepts on Channillo. My hope is to bring other writers, and readers, to the site, so that we can connect through this innovative platform.

I’m also hoping to challenge myself, through my characters, to reach into the hearts of my subscribers.

My first story, which will appear on March 30, is dedicated to the man in the red barn. It’s title? “The Man in the Red Barn.” Yup. No surprise, there! The second story speaks to invisible disabilities, and what it means to be disabled. It’s entitled, “The Woman in Handicapped Parking.” The third story is not yet written, but I will be working on it this week. It’s going to delve into aspects of homelessness. It’s title will be, “The Man in the Gray Blanket.” The next story is called “The Woman in the Crowded Bar.” As of right now, it’s going to speak to the struggles faced through divorce.

Interested in any of these stories, or finding stories of other writers? Click here for more information on Channillo!

Check it out! Connect with amazing writers. And, if you are a writer, apply, apply, apply!

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