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Reading is a Product of Patience

“We’re trying to read,” Mr. M says, face tight with frustration. In the background, I can hear Lil Dude reading about a big, blue fish. “No. No, Lil Dude. Where do you see the word ‘big?’ Can you point to me where the word is on this page?” Mr. M turns back to me, over...
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Reading Readiness and the Tiny Tot

“Now, on to our literacy program,” Tiny’s teacher remarked during Parent Orientation. Oh, good, I thought, this is why I’m here. “We really need our parents to start reading with their children every night. They need to know how to hold a book, turn a page, read from left to right–especially left to right, because...
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And Then We Both Started School

I did it; I survived the week. It’s done! It’s over! Huzzah! Moving into next week, and beginning the last anew, I’ve been in a celebratory mode. I managed to survive the first week of school. Tiny’s first week of Kindergarten, yes–but also my first week part-time teaching at the local community college. Oh, yeah,...
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Girls, Boys, Kids, and Toys: A Reflection

Last week, Target made a chain-wide decision, all based on one woman’s Tweet that happened to go viral. The woman captured an image of the toy aisle in Target, which depicted signage showing “Boys’ Toys,” and “Girls’ Toys.” She said something akin to, “Really, Target? This is 2015.” Now, in response, Target has pulled the...
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Enrolling in Kindergarten

“Well, I just figured out that I was supposed to register Tiny Tot in Kindergarten two weeks ago,” I lamented, waltzing into my sister’s office, plopping down beside her, and making her stop her actual job to listen to my complaints on parenthood. “How do the other parents know when to register their kids? Is...
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