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Girls, Boys, Kids, and Toys: A Reflection

Last week, Target made a chain-wide decision, all based on one woman’s Tweet that happened to go viral. The woman captured an image of the toy aisle in Target, which depicted signage showing “Boys’ Toys,” and “Girls’ Toys.” She said something akin to, “Really, Target? This is 2015.” Now, in response, Target has pulled the...
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Enrolling in Kindergarten

“Well, I just figured out that I was supposed to register Tiny Tot in Kindergarten two weeks ago,” I lamented, waltzing into my sister’s office, plopping down beside her, and making her stop her actual job to listen to my complaints on parenthood. “How do the other parents know when to register their kids? Is...
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If You Don’t Know Me, Don’t Correct My Child

Sitting on the sidelines of Tiny Tot’s tee ball practice yesterday, I kept hearing a voice rise up behind me. It was a constant harping. A sharp, correcting tone, meant for direction, correction, and discipline. Over, and over again, this voice chirped. She was in constant awareness, in constant attack mode, in constant critique. The...
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Worries From The Big Kid’s Mom

Many moons ago, I gave birth to a twenty-one and a quarter inch, seven pound, fourteen ounce infant. He immediately became my entire world, and I lovingly dubbed him Tiny Tot. His nickname stuck, with only one problem: my child is not tiny. My child has never been tiny. He’s always been the big kid....
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Divorced Mommy Weekend Mornings

It’s not often that I sit back and reflect on “me” time. I extend myself beyond measure on any normal, typical day. My days are filled with writing, chores, animals, work, family, and, of course, my tiny human. But, because of divorce and court ordered custody, I do get time for me, for myself, sans...
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