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No More Pictures

“Mommy, no pictures!” I guess this comment is to be expected. My opinion of my son follows that of every mother who loves their child unconditionally. To me, my tiny human is beautiful. Without question. Tiny Tot is practically GQ-here-we-come stunning. Since the moment he was born, I have never been able to quite get...
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A Tired Start for a Cranky Mom

“I need my Iron Man, Mommy. Where is it? Go get Iron Man, Mommy.” The clock glares in the wee morning hours. It’s three o’clock. In the morning. Repetition feels necessary at this point, in order to aptly convey my emotional state. Tiny Tot is forcing me awake, and demanding my full attention, when I...
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Pumpkin Patches, My Utter Failure

Why I keep trying, I don’t know. Every October, I envision my son sitting amongst a sea of orange, smiling sweetly up at the camera as I capture the scene. In my mind, it’s a wonderful, majestic, Pumpkin Patch experience. Other parents get these glorious pumpkin images. Their children hold pumpkins, sit on bales of...
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Toy Takeover

It never fails. The moment I sweep through the house, picking up, sorting, and cleaning my small home, a tiny tornado swoops in from behind. Havoc reigns, the toys unite, and my floor is a pile of forgotten dinosaurs, broken action figures, and train track pieces. Amongst the wreckage is a tiny human, with brilliant...
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An Inspiration

When I sat down to write this blog, many ideas came to mind. “Into the Realm of Crazy,” “World Ruled by Toddler, … Singular,” “The Life of a Munchkin-sized Super Hero.” All of these seemed viable, and I could have written a thousand posts about any one of them. They still have the ability to...
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