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I Hired a Lawyer, and My Child Won

“Mommy, I got bullied on the bus going back to daycare yesterday.” This was the opening line of a story that would break me as a parent. I didn’t know it, then, but the words that followed, from the mouth of my tiny human, would change my outlook on not only my ex-husband, but on...
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It’s Only Monday

It’s 10:42 PM. I just finished making my dinner–a salad, because I’m trying to be healthy and not expand at an exponential rate. I just let the dogs in for the night and apologized to them for another long day of missing the mommy. I just tucked my kid in, kissed his head, and remembered...
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What I Want My Son To Know About Life

At some point in my son’s growth, I will stop being his moral compass. My lead role as disciplinarian, life coach, and teacher will wane, paving the way for his own life decisions. He will be in charge of his actions, responsible for his efforts, and answerable to himself. His failures, his successes, and his...
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Tiny Tot and the Tiny Molluscum

“This is definitely not Molluscum Contagiosum,” the $120-per-visit dermatologist stated, giving Tiny’s bumpy rash a cursory glance. “This is Follicular Eczema. Molluscum has a certain look about it. This is not that look. I’m going to prescribe you a steroid cream, and it’ll clear within a few days.” Thank you, Lord Jesus, thank you, I...
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