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A Day at the Fair

Rides, games, presentations, cotton candy, popcorn, tickets, … and loads of running, excited, screaming kids. I love a fun day at the fair! Today was a festive, family event. My mother, father, sister, niece, and son showed up together, eager to watch as my niece performed with her martial arts group. Then we decided to...
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Toy Takeover

It never fails. The moment I sweep through the house, picking up, sorting, and cleaning my small home, a tiny tornado swoops in from behind. Havoc reigns, the toys unite, and my floor is a pile of forgotten dinosaurs, broken action figures, and train track pieces. Amongst the wreckage is a tiny human, with brilliant...
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An Inspiration

When I sat down to write this blog, many ideas came to mind. “Into the Realm of Crazy,” “World Ruled by Toddler, … Singular,” “The Life of a Munchkin-sized Super Hero.” All of these seemed viable, and I could have written a thousand posts about any one of them. They still have the ability to...
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