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Winter Sorting

It has officially become that time of year again. The fall season. Though the leaves remain bright green, and the grass is only slightly slowing its growth, I am readying myself for colder weather. Living in Houston, the season starts late. Sometimes, it only arrives in the form of erratic cold spurts. This weekend the...
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A Tired Start for a Cranky Mom

“I need my Iron Man, Mommy. Where is it? Go get Iron Man, Mommy.” The clock glares in the wee morning hours. It’s three o’clock. In the morning. Repetition feels necessary at this point, in order to aptly convey my emotional state. Tiny Tot is forcing me awake, and demanding my full attention, when I...
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Pumpkin Patches, My Utter Failure

Why I keep trying, I don’t know. Every October, I envision my son sitting amongst a sea of orange, smiling sweetly up at the camera as I capture the scene. In my mind, it’s a wonderful, majestic, Pumpkin Patch experience. Other parents get these glorious pumpkin images. Their children hold pumpkins, sit on bales of...
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Couponing, an Art Form … or Gimmick?

It’s Sunday. To many women across America, it means one thing: couponing. I, myself, am constantly sucked in to this time-consuming, money-saving gimmick. And, yes, I do believe that for most Americans, it is a gimmick. The few women who manage to make money, or break even, are anomalies in our society. And yet, there...
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A Day at the Fair

Rides, games, presentations, cotton candy, popcorn, tickets, … and loads of running, excited, screaming kids. I love a fun day at the fair! Today was a festive, family event. My mother, father, sister, niece, and son showed up together, eager to watch as my niece performed with her martial arts group. Then we decided to...
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