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This Chick is Blogging Again

Over the past year, I made the conscious decision to shelf this blog. Novels do not write themselves. Essays do not grade themselves. Also, Tiny Tot is not so tiny anymore, he’s seven. Our toddler days are over. I’m in my fifth or sixth year of divorce. Nothing in my scope of single parenting seems...
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Shipt: A Review

Over the course of four years, I have learned a few things about myself–primarily about myself as a woman with invisible disabilities. Every fall, my joints have flared up. Every winter, I have braved the Christmas crowds, trusted cane in hand, trying to buy simple groceries for the week. Every October through December, I have...
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Finally, Halloween, You’re Mine!

Three years. It’s been three years since Halloween fell on “my” time. But, today, Halloween is mine. My holiday season begins in October, and spans through the beginning of January. The air moves from frying eggs on the concrete temperatures to being able to walk outdoors without immediately breaking a sweat. It’s not cold, but...
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Can I Learn to Trust Tiny’s Teacher?

As an educator, and a former elementary school language arts teacher, it’s never really been difficult for me to trust my son’s learning to the people who instruct him. He’s been in daycare for most of his life. I chose the facility because of its ABEKA system, and also because, being a big, September kid,...
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Blogger’s Block and the Frazzled Mom

I’m sitting here, trying to come up with something to blog about, and all I can think is that the laundry isn’t folded, there are dishes in the sink, I have over forty reflections to grade, and I need to edit–always edit. Still, I want to ignore all the actual, pressing issues–you know, the ones...
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