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A Love-Filled Heart is Contagious

I sat in the middle of a town square yesterday, legs stretched out in front of me to ease my discomfort. Pain had overwhelmed my body, to the point where I had to sprawl out on the open pavement, but on my face, I wore the largest smile. I was filled with an incredible feeling...
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This Chick is Blogging Again

Over the past year, I made the conscious decision to shelf this blog. Novels do not write themselves. Essays do not grade themselves. Also, Tiny Tot is not so tiny anymore, he’s seven. Our toddler days are over. I’m in my fifth or sixth year of divorce. Nothing in my scope of single parenting seems...
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Shipt: A Review

Over the course of four years, I have learned a few things about myself–primarily about myself as a woman with invisible disabilities. Every fall, my joints have flared up. Every winter, I have braved the Christmas crowds, trusted cane in hand, trying to buy simple groceries for the week. Every October through December, I have...
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Breaking Assumptions on Divorced Parents

Every day I read something negative about divorced parents. Every day I hear some complaint about the “other” parent, the bad parent, the parent who makes life that much harder where children are concerned. Every day I hear the struggles, the woes, and the desire for a collaborative, co-parenting atmosphere. But, it’s usually followed up...
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