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Two Houses v. One Home

“My daddy takes me to Walmart.” “Oh, that’s nice.” “And my daddy takes me to Chuck E. Cheese.” Grumble. “I’m sure you two have a lot of fun there, baby.” “At my daddy’s house I have lots of toys.” Sigh. “Yes, baby. You have toys at Daddy’s house. Daddy loves you very much.” “… At...
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Mommy Down

Mommy, down. Or, at least, the mommy can pretend for a minute to bemoan her horrible, snot-filled self, before sucking it up, blowing her nose, and continuing on with her main job. In case anyone forgot, the term “Mom” is a full-time, twenty-four hour a day, pro bono job. No vacation, no sick leave. Just...
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Winter Sorting

It has officially become that time of year again. The fall season. Though the leaves remain bright green, and the grass is only slightly slowing its growth, I am readying myself for colder weather. Living in Houston, the season starts late. Sometimes, it only arrives in the form of erratic cold spurts. This weekend the...
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Couponing, an Art Form … or Gimmick?

It’s Sunday. To many women across America, it means one thing: couponing. I, myself, am constantly sucked in to this time-consuming, money-saving gimmick. And, yes, I do believe that for most Americans, it is a gimmick. The few women who manage to make money, or break even, are anomalies in our society. And yet, there...
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An Inspiration

When I sat down to write this blog, many ideas came to mind. “Into the Realm of Crazy,” “World Ruled by Toddler, … Singular,” “The Life of a Munchkin-sized Super Hero.” All of these seemed viable, and I could have written a thousand posts about any one of them. They still have the ability to...
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