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The Single Mom and The Second Job

If there is ever a time that I will go insane, it’s this point in my life. I may, actually, completely lose my mind within the next three months. Possibly before October, but at least by Christmas. That crazy lady running down the street, screaming like a Banshee out of Hell? Yeah. That is how...
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The Momcast

I don’t interact with other moms very often. If I do, they are like me: working, busy, and nonsocial. Not antisocial. Nonsocial. There’s not a lot of real world gossip that occurs in my field. We chat in the lounge, but it is usually about whatever CNN or Fox News is streaming. There’s not a...
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And Then We Both Started School

I did it; I survived the week. It’s done! It’s over! Huzzah! Moving into next week, and beginning the last anew, I’ve been in a celebratory mode. I managed to survive the first week of school. Tiny’s first week of Kindergarten, yes–but also my first week part-time teaching at the local community college. Oh, yeah,...
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This is Life–Everyone Has Struggles, You’re Not Special

“I get that life is a test. I understand that, as humans, we grow from our struggles. But, seriously, how many times am I going to have to survive? At what point do I prove that I’m strong enough, yet?” This is me, complaining. This is me, feeling daily stress. This is me, realizing that...
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Ten Driving Habits That Make You A Jerk

Every day I climb into my car, strap on my seatbelt, and lift up a prayer that no one will kill me while I’m driving. Every day, as I’m driving along, someone tries to kill me. It’s a running joke with my family, friends, and loved ones that my car must be invisible to other...
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