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I Hired a Lawyer, and My Child Won

“Mommy, I got bullied on the bus going back to daycare yesterday.” This was the opening line of a story that would break me as a parent. I didn’t know it, then, but the words that followed, from the mouth of my tiny human, would change my outlook on not only my ex-husband, but on...
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Sick Day Saturday

For the past few days, I’ve woken up coughing so hard my lungs give out. My head pounds, my throat burns, and my chest aches from the effort of clearing whatever’s settled into my chest. Some days I have a fever, most days I do not. Unfortunately, I don’t have pneumonia, bronchitis, a flu, or...
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Finally, Halloween, You’re Mine!

Three years. It’s been three years since Halloween fell on “my” time. But, today, Halloween is mine. My holiday season begins in October, and spans through the beginning of January. The air moves from frying eggs on the concrete temperatures to being able to walk outdoors without immediately breaking a sweat. It’s not cold, but...
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