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Okay, Hobby Lobby, You Win

I’ve been on either crutches or a knee scooter for seven weeks, limping on an ankle that refuses to heal, included. The struggles of maneuvering crutches through Target, the mall, the college, and the doctor’s office has made my chest muscles burn so badly that I’ve sometimes wondered how I was still breathing. The knee...
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My BS Meter Only Goes So High

There are multiple people I love in life. I love my parents, my sisters, my significant other and his child, my child, and my friends. I love them all, but, from the moment I learned Tiny Tot would grace my world, my priorities about love shifted. Above all, my child and his well-being have been,...
No comments posted on September 26, 2017 in Parenting

I Hired a Lawyer, and My Child Won

“Mommy, I got bullied on the bus going back to daycare yesterday.” This was the opening line of a story that would break me as a parent. I didn’t know it, then, but the words that followed, from the mouth of my tiny human, would change my outlook on not only my ex-husband, but on...
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A Love-Filled Heart is Contagious

I sat in the middle of a town square yesterday, legs stretched out in front of me to ease my discomfort. Pain had overwhelmed my body, to the point where I had to sprawl out on the open pavement, but on my face, I wore the largest smile. I was filled with an incredible feeling...
No comments posted on July 12, 2017 in Opinions, Winging It, Mom Style
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