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Wow, what a transition! The past few weeks of getting the Winging It, Mom Style website back up and running has been interesting, to say the least. So, I thought I’d devote a short post to fill in everyone about what I slightly touched on over Facebook.

I was pondering the Valley Girl blog, which is still currently milling about in my head, and felt inspired enough to pull up my blog and sketch something out. I logged into GoDaddy, my former hosting site, and noticed something very, very strange.

My blog was gone.

Of course, I didn’t panic at first. I scratched my head, then opened a new browser and typed in “” What did I see when the page loaded?

“This account has been suspended, please call XXX-XXXX.”

Um, what?

Wait, WHAT?

So then I’m like, crap, someone really didn’t appreciate It’s Called a Park, Not a Babysitter, or My Body Wears Bikinis. I mean, I probably did push the amount of snark in those blogs, but I thought they were funny. Other people did, too, right?


Instead of beating my head into the wall, I called GoDaddy, querying about the missing information. What I heard floored me.

“Ma’am,” a young operator explained, “we’ve been sending you e-mails. We decided to stop providing services with Quick BlogCast.”

I freaked. “Wait, what? So, my blog is just gone? I lost everything? What happened to all the information? It still has to be somewhere, right?”

He ended up sending me a text e-mail of all of the missing blogs. Meanwhile, I found that I could go into Winging It, Mom Style on FB and gather the information. I was missing a blog about Conner and pumpkins, but as long as I got the information back, I could be happy again.

After searching through different hosting companies, I decided on HostGator, using WordPress. Of course, I had never used WordPress or HostGator before, and had no clue what I was doing … at all. I found a template I liked, but couldn’t figure out how to transition the site from GoDaddy to HostGator. Then I couldn’t figure out how to get the files from the template I purchased to download into WordPress.

Luckily I know some pretty amazing people, one of which speaks all things geek with phenomenal precision. He’s much smarter than I am, so he took over and boom! Winging It, Mom Style is back up and running!

Of course, poor Tiny didn’t get as much loving affection yesterday while I uploaded files and tweaked coding until I liked the overall effect. Still working on it, but here ya go! Post #1 of the new look of Winging It, Mom Style!

It’s also Tiny Tot approved. Though he hates when I take his picture, he loves staring at himself. The transition effects on the picture slider make it even better. He likes it; I like it.

And I’m never ignoring an e-mail from a hosting site, again!

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