Blogger’s Block and the Frazzled Mom



I’m sitting here, trying to come up with something to blog about, and all I can think is that the laundry isn’t folded, there are dishes in the sink, I have over forty reflections to grade, and I need to edit–always edit. Still, I want to ignore all the actual, pressing issues–you know, the ones that will resurface within twenty minutes, only to be pressing issues again–and sit down to write for my blog.

However, I can’t seem to come up with one solid topic. Not one.

I mean, I could write about all the FB moms who make silly statements like, “Homeschooled children never get sick,” because why? They’re caged in a bubble? Touch any surface at the grocery store; I dare you.

I could write about how Tiny started football. But, I’m working during most of his practices. The only fact I know about Tiny and football is that he says he loves it, but, due to the fear of contact, he doesn’t actively participate in it. Still, I’m proud of him for sticking with it, and not giving up.

I could even write about how Tiny’s teacher has some weird “No Homework” policy, which has forced me to purchase workbooks on reading comprehension, math skills, and 100 more sight words for first grade.

But, as always, I need an angle. I need a hook.

When I sit down to decide on what that might be–as I tell my students, “The topic might be ‘motivation,’ but why is the author writing about that? What’s the point?”–I’m stumped.

So, then I have to ask myself certain questions. For example, do I want to piss off the homeschooled, anti-vaxxer moms by pointing out how silly it is to assume a child will never get sick outside of public education? I mean, it could be fun, but my heart’s not in the mood for a good debate right now. Do I want to write about how Tiny’s struggling in football? No. He’ll improve or he won’t. It’s preemptive to assume he’ll always struggle at contact sports, especially at the beginning of his first season. Do I want to complain about no homework? I’ve complained about too much homework, so griping in the opposite direction seems a bit hypocritical.

Ugh. I feel like I’m tapped at the moment. I know it’s blogger’s block. There are always topics to write about, there’s always something to say. But, finding the angle just seems difficult.

I don’t know if it’s because Tiny is growing, and most of my parenting AHA! moments already occurred, whether I’m just run down from working 10-13 hour days, whether the sheer amount of never-ending cleaning is bogging me down, or whether it’s a culmination of it all. I am tired, and I might be a tad sick right now. Still, I have coffee at my elbow, I have my computer up and open. I’m on a blogging site that I created because I just needed to write.

And, nothing.

Even free writing, which I’m doing right now, isn’t yielding any solid ideas. I’ve already blogged about how difficult it is to juggle life as a single mom with two jobs. I’ve already blogged about how I have a team of people who help me, but I still feel drained. I’ve written about it all. Do I not have anything left?

Well, I do, but I can’t write about it. That’s the other thing. There are certain things that I absolutely cannot write about, at least not yet, and those things could be a huge factor in my blogger’s block. What I’m hoping is that, when I start editing today, I’m not also stuck with writer’s block.

However, fiction writing is a different monster. It requires a different mindset. I get to delve into fantastical worlds, and create impossible scenarios that might be true under certain circumstances. I’m free and unfettered when it comes to my fiction works.

Why is that not the case with Winging It, Mom Style?

Maybe I’ll write a blog about how my almost 7 year old still hasn’t mastered riding a bike, because he has a gimp for a mommy. Or how he still hasn’t learned to tie his shoes. Maybe I’ll write about how I occasionally still wipe his butt, and how I get rude glares for bringing a 4’3 kid into the women’s bathroom. Shoot, I could probably even write about how, after I volunteered to read a book (which I do quite well, btw), Tiny’s teacher offered that I learn how to transport reptiles.

What part of reading a book to tiny humans sounded like lizards, snakes, and car wrecks?

I mean, seriously.

My hope is that, soon, I’ll get out of my funk.

If not, I’m sure Matt Walsh will say something else about public educators that will piss me off enough to write 1,500 words in under a minute.

That should help.

Anyone else facing blogger’s block? Is it the frazzle creating it, or the fact that my kid’s all grown up? Let me know!

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