Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century – And Me


I have exciting news that I’ve been holding in, waiting until the time of publication nears. In February, which now seems like last year, I was contacted by Dr. Elise Cohen Ho, one of the founders at United We Parent. She sent me a message asking if I would like to be featured in a book about other amazing moms around the world. The focus of the book was to reach out to moms around the world through a book that unified and uplifted us together. The book recognizes that all moms have wisdom and advice for other moms, because we’re all in this amazing parenting gig together!

After reading the message, and knowing my blog is about parenting in hindsight and the struggles divorced parents face, I sat back and reflected on all the amazing moms I know–moms who aren’t me. I know working moms from around the globe, whom I connected with through multiple platforms, who seem to have their mom act together. They pack lunches before the next morning, always have a spotless house, have arts and crafts for school done the moment it comes through the door, and always seem to have one activity following the next, which makes me wonder when they sleep! These are amazing moms. Me, though? Yes, I am a working mom. Yes, I juggle this mom thing quite well–with help and occasional tears. But, do I consider myself amazing?

I mean, I consider many aspects about myself amazing. My talent for cleaning vomit at 2 AM, my ability to finally have part of this teaching night school down, my ability to always have some sort of injury that causes me to limp (lookin’ at you, Life), and the fact that I can always smile in the face of adversity seems pretty awesome. What’s more, when I look at Tiny Tot, and see how amazing he is, I know that I’ve taught him how to see the world in an open, optimistic way–because that’s how I’ve always viewed it. His positivity in the face of adversity almost matches mine, so I know I’m doing something great in raising him.

When I reflected on that, I realized that there is something amazing about every mom around the world. We all carry this vital role of molding our children to be the next generation. We have the burden to teach our children how to treat each other, how to set limitations through boundary and discipline, and how to listen to the readiness of our child as they grow and learn through life. I know we have this burden, because I share it, I believe it, and I blog about it, … a lot.

I knew that I would at least apply, and see what happened from there.

Hogan Hilling, another founder at United We Parent, who co-authored Dads Behaving Dadly, Dads Behaving Dadly 2, and Dadly Dads: Parents of the 21st Century, contacted me to set up a questionnaire. He said that there were many moms filling out the interview forms, and he would contact me if I would be part of the Amazing Moms book.

My beautiful, green-eyed boy was sitting there when I filled out my written interview. One of the questions stated, “What do you do well as a mom?”

I was stumped. I mean, vomit at 2 AM is my speciality, and it’s pretty much a super power, right? I turned to Tiny and asked him. His response? “You love me, Mommy.”

And then I waited.

When I received the message stating that I was in the book, it felt like a pretty surreal moment. Here was an opportunity I had gained through my decision to start a blog in 2014, and blogging has opened a myriad of doors over the years. The book is scheduled to come out on Mother’s Day of 2018. But, until then, pop over to United We Parent, because they will begin debuting one mom from the Amazing Moms book and one dad from the Dadly Dads book on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

And, until the book debuts, here’s my page!

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