Tiny Tot and the Tiny Molluscum

“This is definitely not Molluscum Contagiosum,” the $120-per-visit dermatologist stated, giving Tiny’s bumpy rash a cursory glance. “This is Follicular Eczema. Molluscum has a certain look about it. This is not that look. I’m going to prescribe you a steroid cream, and it’ll clear within a few days.” Thank you, Lord Jesus, thank you, I...
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There’s No Hierarchy of “Real” in Momdom

Let’s be honest: we, as women, trend toward either martyrdom or sainthood. We do it all–mostly because we’re tough as hell and awesome–therefore, there are moments in our lives where we want just want someone to recognize our efforts. Our boss, our coworker, our family members, our significant other, our spouse, the stranger we let...
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Belief Needs Encouragement

When I was a young girl, my mother took us to a community center, where we could choose from a list of free activities. My sisters went into pot throwing (my twin sister ended up minoring in ceramics), but my interest was different. There were three things I loved to do as a young girl:...
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