Where Did the “Paying Your Dues” Work Ethic Go?

There’s been a trend within the last ten years amongst young adults who have attended college. They’ve begun to expect that the sheer act of graduating means not only a degree, but an offer from a high-end company, and a salary exceeding $100K. These young adults have been dubbed “Millennials.” Generation X encompassed my age...
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Can Moms Get Street Cred, Please?

The other day a student said something that stopped me in my tracks. I started the class by stressing the importance of utilizing email for any and all questions, emphasizing that my phone is always on me. Because I’ve started this new job, I now work full-time, work part-time, and mom full-time. There hasn’t been...
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I Am A Writer, Therefore I Write

As I sit behind the computer screen this morning, I feel the need to move away from parental rants and raves, to move away from women’s fiction, and to move away from op ed pieces. Instead, today, I feel the need to convince myself of something near to my heart–something that beats deep within my...
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Is It Summer Yet?

What started out as good intentions has morphed into utter laziness. August came with a bit of fearful trepidation: a series of beginnings and unknowns. Tiny started Kindergarten; I started my second job. It was a new situation for both of us, but we began each day with enthusiasm, and were always prepared for the...
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