Mommy Down, The Kindergarten Edition

I was diagnosed with bronchitis, and “possibly not” pneumonia today, and then I coughed in my child’s face. So, that basically makes me the worst mother on the planet, winning me a spot in the nominations for Worst Mom of the Year Award. I think I’ll boycott, though; the award itself just isn’t diverse enough....
No comments posted on January 21, 2016 in Parenting, Winging It, Mom Style

Reading is a Product of Patience

“We’re trying to read,” Mr. M says, face tight with frustration. In the background, I can hear Lil Dude reading about a big, blue fish. “No. No, Lil Dude. Where do you see the word ‘big?’ Can you point to me where the word is on this page?” Mr. M turns back to me, over...
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