Enrolling in Kindergarten

“Well, I just figured out that I was supposed to register Tiny Tot in Kindergarten two weeks ago,” I lamented, waltzing into my sister’s office, plopping down beside her, and making her stop her actual job to listen to my complaints on parenthood. “How do the other parents know when to register their kids? Is...
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Overcoming the Fears of Adulthood

When my eyes opened, when my brain sprang alive, when I realized the day, and the time, panic overcame me. I didn’t want to wake up; I didn’t want to be awake. Not one bone in my body wanted to face the day. Little Dude was sick over the weekend. The pretty, little, tow-haired son...
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If You Don’t Know Me, Don’t Correct My Child

Sitting on the sidelines of Tiny Tot’s tee ball practice yesterday, I kept hearing a voice rise up behind me. It was a constant harping. A sharp, correcting tone, meant for direction, correction, and discipline. Over, and over again, this voice chirped. She was in constant awareness, in constant attack mode, in constant critique. The...
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