Worries From The Big Kid’s Mom

Many moons ago, I gave birth to a twenty-one and a quarter inch, seven pound, fourteen ounce infant. He immediately became my entire world, and I lovingly dubbed him Tiny Tot. His nickname stuck, with only one problem: my child is not tiny. My child has never been tiny. He’s always been the big kid....
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Divorced Mommy Weekend Mornings

It’s not often that I sit back and reflect on “me” time. I extend myself beyond measure on any normal, typical day. My days are filled with writing, chores, animals, work, family, and, of course, my tiny human. But, because of divorce and court ordered custody, I do get time for me, for myself, sans...
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I Am a Driver, I Am Human

Yesterday, I was in my awesome space rocket of a car, driving toward a 3-way stop. I came to a full stop, and noticed a red truck barreling down the road, toward the stop sign. I thought, He’s going to run the stop sign. Is he drunk? Now, I couldn’t see the driver beyond the...
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