To The Customer Service Agents at AT&T

An Open Letter to AT&T Customer Service, My grandparents are in their late 80s. They are selling the home in which they have lived for over 44 years. My Grandfather called on January 27th to switch his phone, Internet, and television services from AT&T over to his new home. He spoke to a customer service...
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In My Grandparents’ House

I see into the past, in my grandparents’ house, As I sit in a soft, rocking chair. Reader Digest in lap, my eyes gaze along, The Indiana sun high and fair. A sound perks up my ear, in my grandparents’ house, And I listen with lazy intent. They hail thru the door, a great, raucous...
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When You Give A Texan Snow

It’s true: when you put a flurry of snow in Texas, the entire state shuts down. We don’t know what to do; we’re not prepared. We’re built from the “hurricane preparedness at the least sign of tumultuous weather” mentality. That’s just how we roll. We know how to shut a city down, and bunker in...
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