Please, Kindergarten, Make Me An Adult

Come August 24, 2015, my role in life will change. Yes, I will still be the mother of Tiny Tot. Yes, I will still be a full-time employee, part-time writer, and no-time housekeeper. However, at the end of August, I will stop being The Bad Preschool Mom, and become The Bad Kindergarten Mom. There’s a...
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Introversion, Intelligence, Bullying, and Reflection

“Mommy, Elijah called me a baby today. So did Kaleigh. They were being mean to me, and I didn’t like it.” I knew this day would come. I knew it would happen, I knew I couldn’t stop it, and I didn’t prepare myself for the gut-wrenching pain I felt upon hearing those words. My child,...
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Channillo is Coming!

While I was in Indiana, I noticed something odd. There was a trailer, and a black truck, sitting next a red barn. The barn has been a fixture behind my grandparents’ property for my entire life. I cannot remember a time I didn’t look out the window, or walk into the back yard, and not...
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Conversations With My Child

“Mommy, it’s the guy with the blue mask.” I walk into the room, and I’m thinking about ignoring laundry, ignoring the stack of dishes in the sink, or ignoring the equally looming stack of pre and post-knee medical bills. I walk into the room, mind occupied, and focus on what he’s saying. He’s holding a...
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