Will He, “Grow Into It?”

“Mommy, I need a different pair of jeans. These don’t fit,” my tiny human complains, sucking in his tummy, and trying to snap his pants. I know. I know his pants don’t fit. Inside, I’m dying, shedding tears I can’t release. Demons are screaming in my head, but I shoo them. I kick them away....
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Fifty Shades of Grey: A Commentary

About a year and a half ago, I learned of a novel called Fifty Shades of Grey. It was circling amongst friends, and amongst co-workers, much like Twilight did back in 2009. Very little thought, or interest, was placed behind my, “Oh, I hear it’s the newest thing to read” remarks. Somewhere along the way,...
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The New Fear in Parenting

My child is playing in the back yard. He’s leaping, he’s bouncing, he’s chasing, he’s exploring. He’s antagonizing the puppy dogs, and ninja jumping the basketball hoop. He’s allowing the slide to beckon daredevil antics. On his face is a smile that melt hearts, and begs forgiveness for all wrongdoing. Oh, yeah. Before I forget,...
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A Blogging “How To”

I’m branching away from Momdom for a moment, to touch on the How To side of blogging. Many people ask me about blogging: where to start, what it entails, and how keep the ideas flowing. I take blogging, as well as my fiction writing, as a given–it’s something I have to do, in order to...
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It’s Just A Trophy

“Children shouldn’t get a trophy for just ‘showing up.’ It doesn’t teach them anything; they’re learning that no effort equals reward. Participation trophies breed laziness.” I hear this sentence at least once a month. Usually, I’ll shake my head, shrug my shoulders, and blow off the remark. I figure the person saying the above statement...
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