When Perseverance Fails, Acceptance Comes

“Hey, Auntie J, I can count to 40! Watch! One, two, three … ” Tiny said happily while we waited for our food to arrive. I had just finished a visit with my orthopedic surgeon, and received some bad news–again. After two years of cortisone shots, synovial shots, working out to increase strength in my...
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30 Things About This Mommy’s Chronic Pain

Apparently, like always, I missed a big event. I missed Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I, like many people, live with chronic pain. Other people live with chronic illness, or disease. It’s amazing to me how many people I meet who are stronger for their chronic disabilities. We are a testament to the strength of our...
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Special Mommy Time

I’m failing. As a mother, as a parent, I’m failing. In December of 2012 I wrote Two Houses v. One Home. As a frustrated mother of a three year-old, I lamented about my child being confused over not having his own living space, because of the enforced “Daddy” and “Mommy” house idiocy. Fast forward two...
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It’s a Dress Code, Not War on Women

I have one friend who always finds posts, articles, or other blogs to send to me. She always leaves the caption, “Blog fodder for you.” That was the case with this little rant Why Yoga Pants are Incredibly Dangerous to Today’s Youth. Of course, when I opened it, I thought I would be reading about...
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The Angry Shrew of an Ex-Wife

Friday morning I woke up. I woke my child up. I got him dressed. I made him breakfast. I made sure his Homework folder was prepared. I prepared for him to go to his father’s place for the weekend. I grabbed his soccer bag. I re-read the email from Tiny’s coach, and appropriately packed his white...
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