Missing Tiny

The worst part about being a divorced parent with children is summer vacation. Well, the worst part about being the primary custodian in a joint-custody situation is summer vacation. It’s not a weekend at Daddy’s, it’s not Spring Break with Daddy, it’s summer with Daddy. One full month of missing my tiny human. One full...
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My Son, the Valley Girl

“O M my G!! Mommy, you totally have to look at what Batman is doing! It’s so cool!” It’s official: I’ve rubbed off on my child. My lingo is, like, totally birthed in Valley Girl land, … except I’ve never been a Valley Girl. I may be a bit ditzy, and I’m definitely blonde, but...
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Brand New Look!

Wow, what a transition! The past few weeks of getting the Winging It, Mom Style website back up and running has been interesting, to say the least. So, I thought I’d devote a short post to fill in everyone about what I slightly touched on over Facebook. I was pondering the Valley Girl blog, which...
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