The Valentine’s Box

Valentine’s. A wonderfully terrific, romantic holiday … or a glorified Hallmark tradition? Depending whom I speak with, it’s usually one or the other. As for me? Neither. I simply don’t care. There are no words devoted to Valentine’s Day. Just a lot of rolling of eyes and gnashing of teeth. Okay, so … maybe I...
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Feedback v. Reinforcement–It’s Important!

If I read one more “news” article about not praising children on the premise that it will make them lazy, my head might explode! Yes, this blog today is a rant–albeit, an informed rant, from a former educator’s standpoint, but a rant still the same. So some of my words might be shocking. My ideas...
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The Fabulous Questioning Fours

This past week when I sat down to blog about milestones of the Tiny Tot, only one sentence wanted to surface, over and over again: Mommy needs a break from every question beginning with the word “Mommy.” It was so frustrating a thought; I couldn’t get past that one, silly sentence. Even when Tiny Tot...
No comments posted on February 2, 2014 in Parenting, Winging It, Mom Style
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