Words of Affect

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Everyone growing up, at some point or another, has heard this colloquial saying. It’s a rhyme from elementary school taught to children in order for them to learn to grow thicker skin, and deal with the negative in life. Unfortunately, this phrase...
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Sleep Training a … Toddler?

So, when do I start banging my head? Yes, the title is correct. I am sleeping training a toddler. It may not even be called “sleep training” at this point. Most likely, it’s called “lazy parenting.” Bad parenting? … Mom whose child prefers her bed over his, because she allows it parenting? Back in those...
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Building Body Image, A Mommy’s Tale

In such a weight-conscious society, it is hard to understand that one passing remark might forever change the mental state of a young woman or man. It might be a comment about food, weight, diet, or exercise. For a parent, the comment is innocuous. We make them every day. They are habits we don’t even...
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Tricks of the Trade, A Mommy’s Tale

It’s funny how one seemingly innocuous conversation can transport the memory back in time. One flippant remark from a man, who didn’t know any better, telling me that magazines and supermodels create eating disorders threw my mind back to the year 2005, where I sat in a room full of women with varied eating disorders,...
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Myths of Eating Disorders, a Mommy’s Tale

Due to a conversation with an older male college student that I cannot get out of my head, I have decided to blog about something slightly unusual, but still prevalent to the lives of mommies. This will be the first blog in a three part series focusing on the myths surrounding eating disorders, the common...
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