Mommy Down

Mommy, down. Or, at least, the mommy can pretend for a minute to bemoan her horrible, snot-filled self, before sucking it up, blowing her nose, and continuing on with her main job. In case anyone forgot, the term “Mom” is a full-time, twenty-four hour a day, pro bono job. No vacation, no sick leave. Just...
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Pronoun Debacle

“Hey! That’s mines!” The word “mines” has always been one of my biggest pet peeves. When I was teaching–a hundred years ago–I used to inform my students that mines were dark caves in which coal miners worked, and not to be used as a pronoun. Having been much younger, I spent a long time deliberating...
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Magic, Renewed

One fall holiday down, two to go. Unless Christmas is counted in the winter category. I tend to lump together all three–Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas–as one big reason to decorate, and celebrate, for three months straight. Every year, though, the fall season has arrived sooner than expected, and departed just as quickly. Over the years,...
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