Water Catastrophe, Missed Opportunity

Water, water, everywhere. No, a pipe did not burst in my home. It also didn’t magically start raining in the Great State of Texas. My water problem is the direct result of toddler bath time. Being a mother that is staunch about bath time rules, I can’t believe I let this happen. My rules are...
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A Bit of Alone

Is anything better than the idea of stepping into a hot, steamy shower, and letting the water either awaken your spirit, or put to rest a long day? The steam envelops the soul, washes away the angst, and gets the mind ready for the looming tasks ahead. Sounds heavenly, right? Yeah, don’t ask me. Showers...
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Asserting Opinion

The phrase, “terrible twos” is a misnomer. Two year-olds are adorable. They toddle around on pudgy little legs. They grin these cute, toothy smiles. They shriek in delight, squealing whenever the world surprises them. Did I mention the fact that two year-olds dance about in the cutest, stilted fashion? They do. It’s insane how much...
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Rules, Structure, and Toddlerhood

I’m not big on rules. Structure, yes. Rules, no. So it comes as a complete surprise to notice the rules that set themselves as strongholds in my home, in regards to the tiny tot. Especially since I am watching a nineteen month old this week, and repeating the same requirements I place on my tiny...
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All’s Fair in Toy Wars

Me, two toddlers, and two dogs. Day one. Tiny Tot and Bitty Boy are, for the most part, well on their way toward becoming best cousins. Every morning, Tiny Tot wakes up with a bright smile, exclaiming, “Mommy! Let’s go play with the baby!” The two excitedly run around the house, screaming like crazy banshees,...
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