Tiny Toddlers and Colossal Cognition

Why is it that certain words, coming out of a three year-old’s mouth, can both amuse, and astound parents? We say thousands of words a day to our children. We speak to them like miniature, intelligent human beings. And yet, when they parrot certain phrases, or repeat multi-syllable words, our mouths drop. In shock, in...
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Weekend Napping

Okay, Preschool, you win. Take twenty-five toddlers, stick them on mat, tell them to take a nap, and they sleep like little angels. Send them home on a weekend, to a mom who is trying to shuffle her time between play time, cleaning, attempting to cook meals, … and apparent poor time management skills, and...
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No More Pictures

“Mommy, no pictures!” I guess this comment is to be expected. My opinion of my son follows that of every mother who loves their child unconditionally. To me, my tiny human is beautiful. Without question. Tiny Tot is practically GQ-here-we-come stunning. Since the moment he was born, I have never been able to quite get...
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Tired Toddler

Zero to meltdown in three point two seconds. At least, that’s how it seems in the World of Toddler. It’s the moment between drop-kicking a dinosaur to see what will happen, and crying in outrage when the dinosaur lands on an offended toe. The line is very narrow, with little opportunity for Mommy foresight. Much...
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